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I have had an online presence on my blog at for a few years but my artwork has merged with and become lost amongst the other interests that I blog about. I therefore have decided to set up a sister-site which will showcase just me. There may be quite large intervals of non-activity as I juggle my non-art career with the short amount of spare time I find myself with.

Thanks for visiting, and hopefully enjoy!

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Tiny Planet

Apr 9th, 2014 • Photography • No Comments »

Every now and then a photo effect comes along that blows me away and Little Planet is one if those times.

The effect (which has been bundled for different platforms under different names) takes a panoramic landscape photo and wraps it around a Central point creating a planet effect.

So far I have tested it on a photo I took from the top of the Rockafelle Centre in New York, and a night time shot (below).

The effect is also achievable in Photoshop which I have tsetse with success, but the accessibility of the Tiny Planet app is much more convenient.

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Chatsworth House

Nov 24th, 2013 • Photography • No Comments »

Chatsworth House

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Lyme Park – Cheshire

Nov 23rd, 2013 • Photography • No Comments »

A visit to Lyme Park on a frosty November morning proved a great setting for some crisp photos.
Mr. Darcy might not have survived a dip in the pond today…

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Chrysler Building

Oct 5th, 2013 • Photography • No Comments »

A grey day in NY needed brightening up.

Taken with Canon EOS400D, edited with Adobe Photoshop

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NYC: Central Park

Oct 4th, 2013 • Photography • No Comments »

A beautiful sunny day in New York City inspired pictures from the park.

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Night Photography

Sep 4th, 2013 • Photography • No Comments »

Nowhere near perfect but lots of fun trying to perfect. Shame about the light pollution.

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Early Halloween Pumpkin

Sep 3rd, 2013 • Photography • No Comments »

Halloween has come early

A home-grown Pumpkin.

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Blackpool Sunset

Sep 1st, 2013 • Photography • No Comments »

Blackpool Sunset

It was cloudy all day but the sun seemed to break through just as it set.

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Evanescence With DollyLovesClown

Aug 31st, 2013 • Art • No Comments »

I recently came across a photo by DollyLovesClown submitted to DeviantArt. Her make-up and the closeness of the photo really reminded me of the album cover for ‘Fallen’ by Evanescence.

I decided to push it a little further.

Original photo: [Source]

Image rights belong to [DollyLovesClown]

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Night Photography

Aug 12th, 2013 • Photography • No Comments »

This evening was meant to be a great time to see meteorites from the UK.

Alas cloud cover and a lack of Meteorites meant this wasn’t possible, however it did give me an opportunity to try out a spot of night photography.

Where I live unfortunately is hardly classed as a true Dark Sky zone – I don’t fancy travelling to the Brecon Beacons right now.

Still, any practice is good practice and although my shots are saturated with a horrible amber un-natural light, they still show promise.

The orange clouds have quite a bit of movement to them due to a steady wind.